The virtual world has grown in
popularity over the last two decades,
with the number of players
increasing all over the world.

Seeing the high demand in gamers and the rapid technological innovation in the gaming sector, MEETION TECH was founded in 2013 to provide gamers with the best gaming aesthetics that set them apart from the competition.

MEETION has a huge fanbase in the global market due to its unique, sturdy, and comfortable designs, which provide players with a blazing experience and help them overpower the international arena.



10000 m2

Factory Space


Automated Assembly Lines

10+ Intelligent

Injection Moulding Machines


sets of Production Per Year

We put a lot of effort into creating high-quality products that will provide you with the most enjoyable heavy gaming experience possible. We strictly follow the worldwide quality certification system ISO 9001: 2008 and all of our goods pass the international certification CE, FCC, RoHS and REACH etc.
We are ready to set you up for Victory.
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